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Live blood analysis helps you make decisions to feel better


Live Blood Analysis Gives You Information To Improve Your Well Being

Live blood analysis is not a diagnostic test. It is an educational tool used to assess some of the possible nutritional deficiencies for a client which left unresolved could lead to disease. Live blood testing can be very helpful to identify some areas that may require some attention. There is a relationship between patterns in the blood and abnormalities in the body.

Unhealthy Blood

Healthy Blood

unhealthy blood

A little about JENNIFER ROIT

Jennifer suffered from severe stomach pain and fatigue that could not be diagnosed by traditional methods. After a live blood nutrition analysis Jennifer discovered she was unable to process glutten and more than 100 other foods. A simple dietary changes alleviated her fatigue and pain and helped her lose extra weight she’d been unable to shed.

It was then that Jennifer decided to help others improve their health and well being by learning live blood analysis. Now she provides the service to clients in their own homes or in close group settings. Live blood analysis gives you options to find relief from their ailments through diet and natural remedies.

Live blood analysis can help you understand why you feel the way you do.

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